The Forum UNOVUS-2018

09:00, 11 October 2018 - 19:00, 13 October 2018
The Tomsk Square

The forum UNOVUS-2018, one of the important projects for the Tomsk region, will be held October 11-13 under the slogan - the Forum of New Solutions. It will be dedicated to development and implementation of a model of the pilot region - the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia.

Instead of traditional panel discussions, round tables and reports, the UNOVUS-2018 program will include new formats: workshops, networking, design sessions, and art residences. These events will bring together representatives of major Russian companies, teams and universities and scientific organizations, technology businesses, and participants in the School of Key Researchers. The main area of discussion and work is digitalization of production, smart materials, green chemistry, knowledge management, and others.

The forum opening and the final presentation of the teamwork results will be held in the complex Garmonia. The forum venues will be located in Tomsk universities, companies, a special economic zone, and the special space for discussion - Boiling Point.

During the forum, there will be special events for the Tomsk citizens: open spaces with exhibitions of new technologies, a children's and youth program in the industrial park Kvantorium, concerts, and techno-performances.