The Huawei Festival at TPU

12:00 - 15:00, 25 September 2018, (Tuesday)
TSU Campus

Tomsk Polytechnic University was selected as one of the eight platforms, which will host the Huawei festival, one of the leading world companies in the area of telecommunication. TPU will hold it on the 25th of September. The festival will allow the Tomsk students to meet the company experts, find out more about the company itself and its internships, and move to the third stage of a large-scale All-Russian competition in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) - Honor Cup.

To take part in the event you need to register on the site.

TPU will be the most eastern point on the Huawei festival map. At the festival, the students will find out more about the company, its educational and career opportunities for students and young professionals. They will be able to options for internships and employment with the HR-department of Huawei. Additionally, the experts of the company training center will conduct workshops.

In addition, the participants will be able to take the HCNA test. It confirms knowledge of the fundamentals of network technologies and basic skills of supporting enterprise networks. Those who pass the test will be able to get to the third stage of the Honor Cup. It is the fourth all-Russia competition in the area of information and communication technologies for students and young specialists.

The competition participants will test their knowledge and the best ones will be awarded. This year, the competition will include the internet of things, mobile communication, cloud solutions, IP-networks, and programming languages.