International conference - Energy-Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Development

09:00, 12 November 2018 - 19:00, 16 November 2018
Tomsk Polytechnic University (to be specified)

The conference is aimed to create a permanent discussion platform to discuss practical and theoretical issues of energy saving and resource efficiency, including the way from scientific ideas to management decisions at the level of regions and large industrial holdings. Among participants, there will be representatives of both scientific and educational, state authorities and industries.

The conference is expected to be a platform for discussion of these issues:

  • Energy saving and improving energy efficiency in construction and utilities;
  • Theoretical basis for increasing energy efficiency;
  • Energy saving and increasing energy efficiency in mining and metallurgy;
  • Green energy production;
  • Fresh water issue;
  • Green technologies;
  • Smart nature management;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Environmental aspects of technospheric safety;
  • Green chemistry;
  • Management of energy efficiency at the regional level.

In the scope of the conference, one will conduct the School of Young Scientists - Methodology of Energy Efficiency Management and Resource Saving for students, PhD students and researchers in the area of energy and resource efficiency. The school of young scientists will be held in the format of open lectures and discussions.


Scientific secretary of the conference: Ekaterina Larionova,, do not hesitate to contact us.