Secrets of Da Vinci and Tesla gearbox at the TPU open lectures

16:00, 27 November 2019 - 20:00, 14 December 2019
The TPU main building (30 Lenin Ave.), classroom 310

The TPU Division for General Technical Subjects will hold a number of open lectures devoted to the theory and practice of mechanics. Participants will be able to find out the secrets of Da Vinci's inventions, get acquainted with the device of the automobile gearbox (from Ford-T to Tesla), and other exciting things.

The course will include lectures on engineering: Gearbox. Its development from Ford-T to Tesla, Modern Industrial Safety Issues, Leonardo Da Vinci Leicester Codex, and Numerical Modeling in the Micro and Mesoworld.

Lectures will be held once a week (on Wednesdays) at 16:10 in 310 classroom of the TPU main building (30 Lenin Ave.). The first lecture will be dedicated to the history of gearbox and will be held this Wednesday, November 27. Do not miss this out!