Day of Italy at TPU

14:00 - 18:45, 13 May 2021, (Thursday)

On May 13, Tomsk Polytechnic University holds a Day of Italy. Italian scientists jointly with their colleagues from TPU will discuss the latest tendencies in biotechnology, green chemistry, new materials, zero-waste, as well as will discuss possible joint projects.

The event will be held in a hybrid mode. The Italian scientists will take part in a seminar online, while the TPU scientists will work face-to-face.

The broadcast of the event will be available by the link. The seminar begins at 14:00 (Tomsk time zone). The working language is English.

Schedule of the event:

Name and


Affiliation Title of presentation Scheduled time

Marina Trusova

TPU Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences 



Aleksei Pestryakov

TPU Research School of Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences  Catalytic Conversion of Biomass Products  14:10-14:40

Cleofe Palocci/
Luciano Galantini

Department of Chemistry,  Sapienza University of Rome

Bio and Nanomaterials for Sustainable Chemistry  14:40-15:10

Susanna Chiocca

Department of Experimental Oncology, European Institute of Oncology IRCCS (Milan)
The Sex and Gender Dimension in Science and Research  15:10-15:40

Evgeniya Sheremet

TPU Research School of High-Energy Physics  From Functional Materials to Nanoanalysis  15:40-16:10

Antonio Rubino

Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome
Nanostructures through Electrochemical Methods; from Synthesis to Application in PEC Devices  16:10-16:40

Marco Salerno

Italian Institute of Technology (Genoa)  Anodic Nanoporous Oxides: Fabrication and Applications  16:40-17:10

Damiano Spagnuolo

Chi.Bio.Far.Am. department – University of Messina

Is There Really a Zero-Waste Industry? Answers from the Perspective of a Seaweed Biorefinery 17:10-17:40

Pier Giorgio Schiavi

Department of Chemistry, Sapienza University of Rome

A look inside Closed-Loop Lithium-Ion Batteries Recycling  17:40-18:10

Antonio Di Martino

TPU Research School of  Chemistry & Applied Biomedical Sciences  The Evolution of Commercial Drug Delivery Technologies  18:10-18:40