News Office

TPU News Office is a web project of the Division of Vice-Rector for External Affairs.

Every day we tell you about the most interesting news of the University at and at social networks, taking photos and producing video news, releasing information and sci-fi materials for mass media of all outreach, and publishing the corporate newspaper Za Kadry in-print and electronically (1,500 circulation for students and academics of the University).

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome for cooperation. You can submit your news via a special service of the website, by e-mail or contact us by phone.

Journalists may subscribe to our news alerts by e-mailing to with a comment ‘Subscription to news’.

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Contacts for faculty and staff, and journalists:

Contacts for faculty, staff, and journalists:

 30 Lenin Ave, Main Building, 140b office

 +7 (3822) 70-56-85

 +7 (38-22) 70-18-38

People of News Office:

Lilia Kiryanova 

Vice-Rector for External Affairs
Supervisor of TPU News Office

 634050, Russia, Tomsk, 30 Lenin Ave

+7 (38-22) 70-18-38

 ext. 1091

Evgeniy Korobov 

Deputy Vice-Rector for External Affairs –

Head of PR
Information support of events and activities of the University 

 634050, Russia, Tomsk, 30 Lenin Ave

+7 (38-22) 70-56-85

ext. 6825

Vitalii Sdelnikov

PR manager

634050, Russia, Tomsk, 30 Lenin Ave

 +7 (3822) 60-64-04