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Every day we tell you about the most interesting news of the University at and at social networks, taking photos and producing video news, releasing information and sci-fi materials for mass media of all outreach, and publishing the corporate newspaper Za Kadry in-print and electronically (1,500 circulation for students and academics of the University).

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome for cooperation. You can submit your news via a special service of the website, by e-mail or contact us by phone.

Journalists may subscribe to our news alerts by e-mailing to with a comment ‘Subscription to news’.

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Contacts for faculty and staff, and journalists:

Contacts for faculty, staff, and journalists:

 30 Lenin Ave, Main Building, 140b office

 +7 (3822) 70-56-85

 +7 (38-22) 70-18-38

People of News Office:

Alina Borovskaia

PR manager

634050, Russia, Tomsk, 30 Lenin Ave

 +7 (3822) 60-64-04