1,500 Tomsk Residents Visited New Year Performances by Polytechnicers

For the seventh consecutive year polytechnicers have arranged unforgettable New Year’s holidays for the children of the University employees and in general all interested city residents. During three days students not leaving Tomsk meet the children at the International Cultural Center of TPU and give three performances a day. Often, the students comes in between tests and examinations to try on the costumes of the Snow Queen, the cat Matroskin, the dog Sharik, Dr. Ibolit, the monkey Chichi, Cinderella and others and play a show. Decorations for the performance are made by the students themselves.

This year the play is called New Year’s Mess or How Winter Months Were Lost.

According to the artists, every year an original play is written, a special story is thought out. Because in the performance you can meet the characters of different countries and eras. In the past years we had shown tales “New Year’s Adventure of Bremen Musicians”, “How We Saved New Year”, “New Year’s Adventure of Dyushi Little Dragon or Fun House Warming” and other performances.

The performance consists of two parts. A tale performance is continued with a game program in the ballroom. And the appearance of Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) and Snegurochka (Snow Maiden) with a big round dance at the Christmas tree. The fairy-tale characters communicate surely with kids and listen to poems which small guests have learnt by heart to participate in the New Year performance.

The script for the performance is created in conjunction with a Tomsk Polytechnic University’s alumna Leila Mukhtarova. Now she lives in Budapest and when she was studying at TPU she took active part in all students activities. Even the distance is not an obstacle to her to continue her creative work, be in touch with the home university and give joy to the small polytechnicers.

Head of the TPU International Cultural Center’s Sector Ekaterina Tarasenko says: “A lyricist lives almost in each physicist and for the polytechnicers the participation in such activities is an opportunity to express their creativity, to liberate and this will be sure to come to handy in the future.

They all are creative, active, so future engineers will be “stars” at their companies.”

The actors of the tales are not only students, but alumnus and TPU staff members. To mention, over the New Year holidays the actors have time to make friends and prepare together not for the first time the creativity festival “Rainbow Little Polytechnicers” dedicated to Children Protection Day (“Den zashchity detey”).