Almost 1,000 E-learning Courses Included in TPU Degree Programs

Nearly 1,000 various e-learning courses are used by TPU undergraduate and graduate students, as well as by prospective students. E-learning courses are part of curriculum for 71% of TPU students at full-time and distance programs.

E-learning is a technology to organize academic process using special electronic academic environment - e-learning courses, modern tools and services to arrange training materials and the types of educational interaction.

E-courses allow student to better learn this or that subject. They are convenient to be studied by distant students at any time, who combine studying and work. For full-time students they assist in reading theoretical courses – to review video lectures and revise notes.

Now TPU e-courses are used in teaching students of full-time and part-time departments of the University. The largest number of e-courses is used at the Institute of Cybernetics.  Last academic year the Institute’s undergraduates and PhD students took 135 electronic courses. 83 electronic courses were launched by the Institute of Natural Resources, 82 – by the Institute of Humanities, Social Sciences and Technologies. Over 50 e-learning courses were engaged at the Institute of High-Technology Physics, over 40 – at the Institute of Physics and Technology, the Institute of Power Engineering and the Yurga Institute of Technology used 35 e-courses each. The Institute of Strategic Partnership and Competences Development used 54 e-courses.

For TPU applicants 36 e-learning preparatory courses were available.

A rather new and increasingly popular form of education is mixed learning in which a discipline is taken partly electronically and partly in a traditional form. That is part of classroom lectures is replaced by a special organized work in an electronic environment.

For students it is easier to study by own schedule, to delve into the course and understand it better. In the virtual environment instructors continue to communicate with students, help them if some difficulties emerge that make learning more individual.

Totally, the TPU students took 24 e-courses within mixed education last year.