TPU Scientists to Develop Satellite Protection from Space Radiation

By the end of the year the scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University will create the materials for avionics protection from space radiation. It was reported to TASS by Aleksei Yakovlev, Director of the Institute of High Technology Physics of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

«We develop nanocomposites-based material for housings manufacturing, which provide avionics protection from space radiation, to improve spacecraft avionics operational life. By the end of the year we would obtain the result», - says Aleksei Yakovlev.

The basis of the material is a light alloy effectively absorbing various components of the radiation fluxes. Our production technology of composites will be more affordable, and the material itself – more efficient than existing analogues.

«Space radiation hazard leads to microchips degradation and premature equipment failure in the end. We solve the problem of electronics protection from both radiation fields and charged particles penetrating outer space»

- says Director of the Institute of High Technology Physics.

According to him, the samples will be provided to the leading satellites designer and manufacturer - ISS-Reshetnev Company.

Aleksei Yakovlev noted that another area of ??potential usage of this product - Rosatom radiation-hazardous production, accelerating installations.

«We will be able provide the technology and equipment for protective housing manufacturing», - says Director of the Institute of High Technology Physics of Tomsk Polytechnic University.


Development of space technologies and materials at Tomsk Polytechnic University is conducted within the framework of «Space Materials» Strategic Academic Unit.

Strategic Academic Unit (SAE) is an interdisciplinary institution created to implement research, master's and postgraduate programs. SAE «Space Materials» is aimed, for example, at designing materials with multi-level hierarchical structure to create light and robust constructions for the next generation space rocket technology, the creation of equipment and application technology for functional gradient radiation resistant coating of spacecraft elements, the development of layered (additive) «cultivation» technologies of functional products in space.