TPU Student to Investigate Storage Containers for Spent Nuclear Fuel in Germany

A graduate student from Tomsk Polytechnic University is investigating high-strength ductile iron to store spent nuclear fuel. This spring she is going to come to Germany to study carbon content – the main strength component – in the material.

The TPU Institute of Physics and Technology Olga Kataeva has become one of the winners of the Academic Mobility contest of Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation. Its winners are awarded with grants on participation in scientific conferences and seminars, visiting archives and libraries, internships at scientific institutions in Russia and abroad. The grants are given on short trips of up to two weeks.

As part of the grant Olga Kataeva goes to Saarland University to conduct experiment along with German colleagues. The TPU graduate student study “containers” to store spent nuclear fuel out of high-strength ductile iron. The study is to be carried out by ultrasonic testing methods.

“Saarland University is probably the only institution that has the technology to conduct these studies.

Furthermore, the German Siempelkamp company will provide necessary samples to be subjected to ultrasonic testing to determine carbon content which largely affects the strength of an item,”

- says the student.

Cases out of high-strength ductile iron also contain phosphorus, manganese, silicon and sulfur. In the future, within a PhD thesis, Olga Kataeva plans independently to modify properties of such “containers” for the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel.

In Tomsk Polytechnic University there are five winners of the Academic Mobility contest. They are the Institute of Natural Resources’ PhD student Alexandra Mishutina, the Institute of High Technology Physics’ PhD student Roman Marchenko, the Institute of Physics and Technology’s engineer Irina Grubova and a student from the Yurga Institute of Technology (a TPU branch) Tatiana Zykova.

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation award grants four times a year. The TPU Center for Scientific Career has already started to collect applications for travel grants in May, June and July. Application deadline is March 1. More information on the program is here.



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