TPU Helps Tomsk to Become one of World’s Best Student Cities

The Quacquarelly Symonds leading ranking agency published the QS Best Student Cities index on Wednesday. Only 100 cities comprise the list, from Russia there are four cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and Novosibirsk. Tomsk has taken the 91st position. Tomsk Polytechnic University has essentially contributed to the promotion of Tomsk. One of the main criteria of city participation was two universities at least ranked in the QS World University Rankings. Tomsk fits this criterion. Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk State University are ranged in the top 400 of the rankings.

QS experts based on six categories: Desirability, Affordability, City University Rankings, International Students, Employer Activity and the Students View component for the first time.

 The last indicator reveals the survey results of more than 18,000 students.

The desirability includes some measures: life quality, environment pollution, corruption and security. TPU makes all efforts to modernize its facilities. In 2016 TPU campus won the Best Campus Award by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Each out of 14 residences has got modern gyms, the university built a sport facility with a swimming pool. According to the last student survey, most TPU students are satisfied with the university living conditions in the residences.

On affordability the Russian cities look quietly attractive for prospective students. On this indicator they are ranked as follows: St. Petersburg and Tomsk seventh, Novosibirsk 18th and Moscow 48th. For instance, a complete meal in a TPU canteen costs 80-100 rubles – this is one of the lowest prices among six Tomsk universities.

The Tomsk Polytechnic has greatly contributed into Tomsk promotion on international students. Over 18,000 students are on different programs at TPU, 23.9% out of them are international students from 33 countries.

The university actively cooperates with both local and national employers. Annually, applications from enterprises exceed the number of graduates 1.5.    


The QS Best Student Cities 2017 are headed by Montreal, Paris and London.