Biblionight to turn TPU Library into mystery museum

TPU Library will join the Russian Action - BiblioNight on 21 April 2017. Tonight the University Library will turn into a mystery museum. Tomsk citizens will get a chance to discover the mystery of the books with the fragments cut out from them, trying to recognize the location of Tomsk region on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway panorama created by the painter Pavel Piasetsky. Visitors will also see a unique collection of Little Books. The program is scheduled form 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

BiblioNight is held in Russia for the sixth time. Libraries, book stores, and literary museums of the country are preparing special performances for visitors. In 83 Russian regions organizers will arrange poetry readings and master classes as well as book fairs and meetings with writers.


The Little Book exhibition opens at the TPU Library. Currently, the library fund holds about 1, 000 items of little books. The size of the smallest book is 4 sm. Tomsk citizens will get familiar with the ‘faceless books’.

“The Library is holding many books that had suffered during the Soviet period. At that time it was ordered to rub out names of former political prisoners in the books and cut off their photographs. The librarians were forced to do so. Frankly speaking, it happened only with those books that were stored in the reading rooms. Those copies which remained untouched were moved to the book storage, which was also a big risk. Therefore, we have such ‘faceless books’ with cut out fragments,”

says the Head of the Library Marketing Office Lyudmila Vlasova.


The BiblioNight visitors will see the art reproduction of Pavel Piasetsky’s famous panorama The Great Siberian Route: the Main Trans-Siberian Railway – 942 meter long picture commissioned by the Siberian Railway Construction Administration in 1894-1903. It was created on the basis of numerous travel sketches and depicts the views of the Trans-Siberian Railway from Samara to Vladivostok. The panorama was first exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Piasetsky also portrayed the Tomsk branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway.


TPU librarians will organize various master classes for the guests of the event. Besides, there will a possibility to learn how to properly store books.