First in Russia Gasification Laboratory for Solid Fuels opened in TPU

On May 11, Tomsk Polytechnic University has opened a unique Gasification Laboratory for Solid Fuels. The laboratory is intended to develop and improve the technology for transforming low-grade coal, wastes of agricultural sector and wood processing industry into an ecological source of thermal power and electricity.

‘Today we celebrate the 121st anniversary of Tomsk Polytechnic University. It has become a tradition to make presents to ourselves. Today we have open a Gasification Laboratory for Solid Fuels,’ said TPU Rector Petr Chubik at the opening ceremony.

We will do everything to obtain maximum power out of low grade fuels and minimize the emissions to the environment.

 The laboratory has a great significance for the University, the region and, undoubtedly, the country.’

TPU Rector, foreign guests from the University of Burgundy-Franche-Compte and Director of Tomsk Combined Heat and Power Plant-3 Oleg Kovalev took part at the opening ceremony.

‘For many years Tomsk power engineers and Tomsk Polytechnic University have found common ground for their professional interests. One of them is the issue of using solid fuels in gas generators.

I’m sure it is a global problem related to an energy efficiency increase of our generating facilities. Besides, it addresses a great number of environmental problems. One of the examples of our cooperation is the construction of two gas generators in the area of the Tomsk CHPP-3 and the opening of this laboratory that will make it possible to resolve our ambitious objectives together,’ said Oleg Kovalev.

The laboratory operates a gasification technology which generates thermal power due to thermal decomposition of solid fuels, as well as provides gas synthesis to generate power. There is a full production cycle – from fuel grinding to gas utilization. The laboratory complex consists of two main modules: a gas generator facility and a facility to study spraying devices of coal-water suspension.

‘There are no such installations in Russia: there are small facilities but nobody fundamentally deals with gasification process,’ said Deputy Director for Development of the TPU Institute for Power Engineering Alexander Matveev.

This is probably the largest (financial) project of Tomsk Polytechnic University since 2014.’

TPU scientists are developing the gasification technology of solid fuels jointly with their partners: OJSC All-Russian Thermal Power Research Institute, CJSC Kompomash-TEK and an industrial partner Energy Without Boundaries Foundation to support scientific, science and engineering and innovative activities. TPU scientists are planning to develop a range of gasification facilities of various capacities for both individual customers and large energy enterprises.