Museum of Paleontology opens after reconstruction

Mikhail Yanyshevskiy Museum of Paleontology was opened at Tomsk Polytechnic University after its reconstruction. The renovated museum presents an up-to-date interactive educational complex where visitors can independently learn the evolution of the flora and fauna of the Earth, while TPU students can have lectures and practical classes there. Classes will start already this week.



‘The revival of the museum is an important part of the cultural life and educational process in our city and Tomsk Polytechnic University as well,

said TPU Rector Petr Chubik. The first exhibits of the Geology Department date back to 1902. Now the museum is revived, it is presented in an unusual attractive format and I hope there will always be a lot of interested visitors. I would like to express my gratitude to the museum’s specialists and our number one industrial partner PJSC Gazprom represented by LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk which helped us to reconstruct the museum.’

The Museum of Paleontology was established in 1902. Its first exhibits were acquired by Mikhail Yanyshevskiy and a famous geologist, paleontologist and science fiction writer Vladimir Obruchev. There is a showcase preserved since 1904. The showcase was carefully restored and turned into an art object. Images in its niches imitate ancient petroglyphs and installed bone samples present original remains found by the university scientists in different years.


A central place in the museum belongs to a bison skeleton whose skull was found in the territory of the Tomsk Region. Totally, there are about 400 exhibits in the collection.

The museum will function as a paleontology exhibition and an educational center. It is planned to arrange lectures, practical and laboratory classes on paleontology, general geology, excursions as well as educational movies for students, schoolchildren and the general public.



‘It is pleasant to realize that charitable support allocated by Gazprom was spent to such good things,’ said Deputy Director for HR of LLC Gazprom transgaz Tomsk Larisa Istigecheva. ‘We have been cooperating with TPU for 40 years and the effectiveness of this partnership is confirmed by the fact that out of 8,000 people working in our company in 14 Russian regions, 15% out of them graduated from TPU. TPU alumni form the professional backbone of our enterprise.’


Students also contributed to the museum’s collection. Last summer during the practice at Khakasiya geology polygon they found fossil archeocyates lived about 530 million years ago. Special interactive showcases were manufactured for these exhibits, which were ‘revived’ with air bubble panels and video.



In the museum there is an information kiosk to learn interesting facts about exhibits, to watch video clips and to listen to audio excursions. A decoration of the museum is a hand-painted wall by the artist Anna Khvorenkova. At the 27 m2 painting Anna managed to accurately convey the flora and fauna of various geological periods.



TPU Museum of Paleontolgy is located in the 1st TPU Building (73 Sovetskaya St.).