Advanced isotopic technologies discussed at TPU

Over 300 of young researchers and students, as well as experts in the field of nuclear physics from various cities and countries came to Tomsk Polytechnic University to the international conference ‘Isotopes: Technologies, Materials and Applications’ which is held on 31 October to 3 November 2017. Scientists discussed the issues of obtaining isotope products, diagnostics and methods to analyze substances and impurities, to create monoisotopic and isotope-modified materials and new areas of isotope applications, deep purification of difficulty separated substances, storage and utilization of isotope waste products.



Now Tomsk Polytechnic University is one of the leading centers training specialists for nuclear industry and a partner university for Rosatom State Corporation.


TPU has the only research nuclear reactor in the territory of Siberia and Far East, as well as the Russia’s only nuclear facility operating by an institution of higher education. This year TPU celebrated the 50th anniversary of the reactor’s start-up. Last year an extensive upgrade of the facility was fulfilled. The unique research reactor allows TPU scientists to develop manufacturing and separation technology of isotopes for biomedical applications.  Tomsk Polytechnic University commissioned a production line of orthophosphoric acid based on phosphorus-32 isotope, which is used for biochemical study, diagnostics and therapy of cancer diseases. Prior to its launch in Tomsk, Russian consumers, particularly scientific research and medical centers, were forced to purchase phosphorus-32 abroad.



Scientists also design new technology and equipment to obtain radiopharmaceuticals based on samarium, rhenium, iodine and technetium-99. For example, they succeeded in obtaining a nanocolloidal preparation based on aluminum oxide, labeled with the technetium-99 isotope. In Russia, this is the first product for diagnosing sentinel lymph nodes. It is several times more effective than its foreign analogues.

‘At present, isotope technologies are advanced technologies which can and must promote our country and our university to the next level.


The conference agenda includes interesting discussions, students can personally meet specialists engaged in real isotope production and leading scientists dealing with these issues,’ noted Oleg Dolmatov, director of the Engineering School of Nuclear Science & Engineering, at the opening ceremony.


Photo: Mr. Gennadiy Skorynin, Advisor to CEO of SC “PA Electrochemical Plant” at the plenary session

This is the forth conference organized at TPU. This year the scientific event brought together scientists and students from Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and Armenia.

The conference program is available here.