Students from Egyptian-Russian University pursue nuclear engineering at TPU

First students from the Egyptian-Russian University (ERU) have been enrolled in Engineering and Operation of Nuclear Power Plants joint study program at Tomsk Polytechnic University.



In 2015, following the visit of the Minister of Education and Science of Egypt and the President of the Egyptian-Russian University it was agreed to establish a joint study program Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Operation and Engineering. It is a double degree program: upon completion its graduates will receive diplomas of both Tomsk Polytechnic University and Egypt-Russian University. The program is implemented under the auspices of the State Corporation Rosatom. Currently Rosatom seeks to implement projects for the construction of a two-block nuclear power plant and the creation of a scientific and educational infrastructure in the field of peaceful use of nuclear technology.

‘This spring, under the auspices of Rosatom, representatives of the Russian universities (TPU, MEPhi, UrFU and MSSU) that educate professionals in the field of nuclear energy, visited Egypt.

The state corporation appreciates our cooperation with ERU that lays a foundation for the establishment of a training system to implement the nuclear project.

At present, a roadmap on the Russian-Egyptian interuniversity cooperation, including Tomsk Polytechnic University, has been designed and approved,’ says Yury Daneykin, Head of the TPU Division of Academic Methodology.


The program has been implemented since a corresponding agreement was signed in 2015. The Egyptian party conducted a preliminary selection of candidates, an agreed curriculum was drawn up.

‘At the initial stage, about 40 people were recruited in Egypt. The best six, according to their academic merits and high motivation, have already come to us. They already started their study at the School of Enregy & Power Engineering,’

he said.

Mr. Daneykin added that the duration of the program is 5.5 years. ERU implements the first three years of study in accordance with the agreed curriculum, where students pursue basic courses of the program. Tomsk Polytechnic University implements module-based educational process using hands-on learning. The program is delivered in English.

The new joint program features a research nuclear reactor at TPU.

‘TPU is the only Russia’s university that owns such a research and laboratory facility. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation approved that students, including international ones, may partially take practical disciplines at the reactor. This makes our joint program and other nuclear programs offered by TPU unique and very popular for foreigners,’ he emphasized.