TPU alumni participate in drilling of the world’s longest well

In the Sea of Okhotsk the world’s longest well was drilled on the Orlan platform of the Sakhalin-1 project. The well is 15.000 m long, which is a world record. TPU alumnus Dmitri Chernobai and PhD student Grachik Eremyan participated in drilling operations as staff members of oil companies.


Photo: The Orlan platform. Credit: Rosneft


Sakhalin-1 is a project of the international consortium which includes Rosneft, ExxonMobil, SODECO and ONGC Videsh Ltd. The Orlan platform is located in the Sea of Okhotsk at the Chayvo field, north-east of the Sakhalin cost.


According to the press service of Rosneft, the well is classified as super complicated and has a DDI (Directional Drilling Index) of 8.0 and a vertical deviation of 14.129 m. Drilling wells with a large vertical deviation make it possible to reduce expenses on additional offshore structures, pipelines and other elements of production infrastructure, as well as to decrease the impact on the environment due to the reduction of drilling and production areas.  


TPU post-graduate student and Rosneft staff member Grachik Eremyan was tasked to monitor the implementation of the geological program, to monitor contractors’ work performance related to necessary geological measurements and logging while drilling (LWD), i.e. detailed study of the well section using geophysical instruments, geological and technical studies and other tasks. Working at Schlumberger Dmitri Chernobai was in charge for measurements and LWD.

‘The whole process of the well drilling took about four months. I accompanied the process from the very beginning to the end.

In general, our objective is to ensure safety and efficiency of well drilling. Another important objective is to collect all planned information in accordance with the geological program,’ says Grachik Eremyan.


Dmitri and Grachik earned their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in petroleum engineering at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Besides, Grachik Eremyan completed the joint master program of TPU and Heriot-Watt University (UK).