TPU drives innovations in Tomsk region

Tomsk Polytechnic University won the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia HEIs as Centers of Innovation Creation, results of which were announced last week. Winner universities should become innovation drivers in their regions.



In the competition, Tomsk Polytechnic University was presented as the Center of Technological Development of the Tomsk Region Based on the System Integration of Research, Engineering and Entrepreneurial Activities for Technology Development. At the core of the TPU transformation program until 2019, there are four key initiatives. The University should become a hub for scientific and technical tasks of the industry leaders.


For today TPU is a participant of 15 innovation development programs of companies with state participation, in six of them as a backbone university and in 23 ones as a technological platform. TPU features a close cooperation with academic institutes of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia) and high-tech companies in the region, the country, and the world. TPU is a leader among Russian universities in terms of the R&D for industrial partners. The demand for the university graduates by employers twice exceeds the number of its graduates. 


Within the initiative, it is planned to establish engineering centers at the TPU schools. A leading industrial company will supervise each center.


It will ensure integration of projects of companies within the Tomsk Region’s Innovation Territorial Cluster to form projects in the field of robotics, electronics, software and so on. Besides, the participation in implementing programs and projects of the National Technology Initiative and the establishment at least two Centers of Promising Research to obtain new fundamental knowledge that can be used as a basis for groundbreaking engineering technology for industrial leaders.


The second initiative is advancing training of staff for leading companies in the industry. It is planned to increase the number of corporate and network master programs to 25 so that all graduates have experience in participating in scientific and technological projects. Currently, the University’s master studies are divided into research, technological and business fields. Bachelor programs are modernized too in order to provide undergraduates an opportunity to design an individual educational trajectory with constant expertise from industry leaders. The University will take part in establishing and operating a Network Training Center for high-tech medicine and biomedical sector of real economy jointly with other Tomsk universities and FASO Russia institutes.



The third initiative of TPU is the establishment of a system for accelerating innovation for the industrial leaders. At TPU Schools of Engineering, councils of industrial partners, as well as at TPU Research Schools, expert councils will be formed as tools of network interaction and independent assessment of the quality of research, innovation, and education. It is planned to develop a model Open Innovations, e.g.  to reduce expenses and financial risks and to increase revenues through the creation of knowledge-intensive products based on the integration of own developments and promising technologies of external participants in the innovation market.


The fourth initiative of TPU is the development of technostarters training system. At the University, there is the School of Engineering Entrepreneurship which will become a center of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, combine educational, information and motivation programs on technological entrepreneurship. The School will become a center of entrepreneurial education at the regional level, as well as a research center dedicated to the development of technology businesses.


Totally, 121 universities of Russia participated in the competition.


The competition final was held at the inter-university forum Base University – Driver of Regional Development. Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Lyudmila Ogorodova, Director of the Department of State Policy in Higher Education of the RF Ministry of Education and Science Alexander Sobolev and others. Tomsk Polytechnic University was represented by the Head of Division for Information and Analytics Sergey Zamyatin.