TPU and UTMN to develop inclusive education

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) and the University of Tyumen (UTMN) have signed an agreement on joint activities to develop, share experience and support inclusive education. The Universities will together ensure the accessibility of the academic environment for disabled students.



TPU rector Petr Chubik and UTMN rector Valeriy Falkov signed the corresponding agreement. The subject of the agreement is a wide range of activities aimed at developing education, ensuring the accessibility of higher education for students with special needs. Its topical areas include career guidance and preparing students for studying at university; consulting, organizational and academic support, psychological help and assistance in employment for disabled graduates; the development of new forms of inter-university cooperation including via e-learning; monitoring of the current state of inclusive education, academic needs of entrants with disabilities, employment of graduates with disabilities.


TPU will cooperate with the UTMN Resource Academic and Methodical Center.  In autumn 2017, the University of Tyumen became one of 16 Russian universities on the basis of which there were established resource academic and methodical centers for disabled people, by the order of the Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva.


Head of the Educational Process Planning and Management Office Galina Tsoy tells:

‘The ‘road map’ for the cooperation has already been elaborated. It is designed for 2017-2018. Some of the activities have already been carried out.


In this respect, a number of webinars on ensuring the accessibility of higher education for students with disabilities were conducted. Besides, an advanced training program for academics of Tomsk universities was implemented. TPU also took part in monitoring the state of inclusive higher education and academic needs of disabled entrants.’


It is noteworthy, further TPU and UTMN will together implement programs of advanced training for academics of the Siberian Federal District, taking into account experience of Tomsk Polytechnic University. The University will continue webinars on implementing inclusive higher education, career activities, monitoring labor market in Siberia, as well as organize the exchange of academic and methodical resources of universities.