Happy Boxes: students, faculty and Tomsk citizens collected about 100 kg of pet food

Tomsk Polytechnic University, the collection of food continues to collect medicines, household chemicals, and other necessities for Tomsk kennels at seven different locations. Over December-January students, faculty and staff members and indifferent residents of the city brought about 100 kg of food, medicines, pet toys, detergents and many other things to the Happy Boxes of TPU.



Earlier, Tomsk Polytechnic University held a charitable action Not to Leave Friends in Trouble. Students and anyone interested could bring products for pets to TPU dormitories. Volunteers brought everything they have collected to the Dog House and the in-house pet boarding home Diana’s Cradle. In total, over 100 kg of food and other necessary items and medicines were collected. Then, it was decided to collect food on a regular basis.


Happy Boxes are located at the following addresses:

-              Dormitory No.1 (2 Kirova Ave.);

-              Dormitory No.5 (18 Pirogova St.);

-              Dormitory No.7 (13A Usova St.);

-              Dormitory No.12 (37 Vershinina St.);

-              Dormitory No.13 (39 Vershinina St.);

-              Dormitory No.14 (39A Vershinina St.);

-              Dormitory No.17 (48 Vershinina St.).


Over December-January, 50 kg of cereals, 15 kg of cat food (dry and wet), 24 kg of dog food (dry and wet), a large amount of canned food, bowls, toys, medicines, filler for trays, detergents, pillows, rags, claw sharpener, two vacuum cleaners and much more were brought to the Happy Boxes. In addition, 372 kg of waste paper were collected. The money thus obtained were donated to the in-house pet boarding home Diana’s Cradle.



Olga Tatariniova, the tutor of the TPU Center for Social Work says: ‘I can’t stop wondering how many indifferent and sympathetic people are there in Tomsk. Despite the New Year’s rush, severe frosts and the examination period, students, faculty, and residents of Tomsk continued to help our ‘patronized tails’. Regardless of the size of the gifts, whether it is a large sack of food or a small toy, I want to thank everyone without exception for being sympathetic, kind and merciful.’


Charitable collection is still under way at Tomsk Polytechnic. Everyone can bring gifts to the above-mentioned locations by submitting their identity cards and specifying the purpose of your visitor. Organizers also invite everyone to participate in charitable cleaning action.



You may contact the volunteers via their group Stil Zhizni (Lifestyle) in the Vkontakte social network. You may also contact their leader Anastasiya Podyacheva or the tutor Olga Tatarinova by 8-952-893-71-42 or via vk.com/id328091887.