TPU volunteers participate in Mentor School at NTI Olympiad

Six Tomsk Polytechnic University students as volunteers will work at the final stage of National Technology Initiative Olympiad 2017/2018 which is a team engineering competition for schoolchildren. The competition will be held on 23-28 February in the Sirius educational center in the city of Sochi. TPU is one of the main organizers of the Olympiad and the author of the nomination Electronic Engineering: Smart Home.



NTI Olympiad is the All-Russia engineering competition for high school graduates. Winning the Olympiad and taking prize places give benefits when entering university. Last year, the track created by TPU was added in the 2017/2018 List of the Russian Council for High School Olympiads. This means the winning is equal to 100 scores for USE in a subject, the prize place will allow receiving some advantages at admission.


In Sochi, schoolchildren finalists of NTI Olympiad should work in teams on practical tasks within 17 nominations of the competition. Competitors will test acquired skills under the real conditions of engineering challenges. The agenda of the competition also includes lectures and master classes by representatives of different universities and experts. Winners and laureates will be awarded at the closing ceremony scheduled on 28 February.


TPU students are engaged almost in all activities of the Olympiad in order to gain experience for holding the next final at the TPU site.


Head of the Elite Education Office Darya Bay notes: ‘We sent second- and third-year students as volunteers from Tomsk Polytechnic University, who actively revealed themselves in organizing NTI activities at regional platforms, for example, on the hackathon Electronic Engineering. Smart Home, which took place at TPU this January. In addition, they all study very well and appeared to be excellent mentors participating in the Junior Engineer educational project. The students are experienced in conducting interesting master classes for pupils of Tomsk and regional schools. Recently, this activity has been short-listed in the All-Russia competition in the nomination Mentors in Education and Circle Movement.’



Moreover, the students take part in the Mentor School that is a three-day training for mentors of project teaching, a workshop NTI Olympiad: Organization and Conducting where participants receive recommendations on how to conduct hackathons and events. One of the days is called The Day of NTI Circle Movement where the best practices of mentors of technological circles are presented. Throughout all days the Alley of Universities exhibition will be open.


In the last day of the competition, a joint meeting of the Organizing Committee of the NTI Olympiad and the working group of NTI Circle Movement will take place. On that day, the agenda also includes roundtables devoted to The Management of NTI Talents and Team and Engineering Olympiads for Schoolchildren as well as Staff and Education for Digital Economy with the participation of officials from ministries and university rectors.