‘Woman and spring are symbols of a new life’

TPU Rector Petr Chubik congratulates beautiful ladies of the University on the International Women’s Day.



‘Lovely ladies! On behalf of all men of Tomsk Polytechnic University, I congratulate you on the holiday of spring, love, and beauty – on 8th March International Women’s Day!


A woman and spring are symbols of a new life. It is not occasionally that this first, warm and beautiful spring holiday is dedicated to a Woman giving life, keeping a hearth, warming everything around with her unconditional and altruistic love.


Today we say to our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, colleagues, and classmates, the most sincere words of recognition for your work and talent, care and tenderness, patience and responsibility, wisdom and kindness.


As in all times, nowadays you bear on your fragile shoulders cares for your families and children but this does not prevent you from achieving professional victories, reaching heights in scientific careers, being successful, in demand, and recognized. You, indeed, are the basis of a harmonious world, everything else is secondary…


I sincerely wish you peace, harmony, and prosperity in your home, beloved people near you! Let all your wishes fulfilled and all dreams come true!


Today, tomorrow and always – be happy!’



Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University

Professor P. Chubik