Early-career researchers from TPU receive 31 grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) announced the winners of the competition for early-career scientists My First Grant. The foundation will support 31 young scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University. The winners will get funding to develop their projects during two years.


Photo: Ass. Prof. Alexei Savel’ev from the Division for Computer Science


The competition is organized for researchers working on critical issues of natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. This time, 43 applications from TPU scientists were submitted for the competition My First Grant.


Ass. Prof. Inna Lezhnina from the Division for Electronic Engineering received support of the foundation for the creation of ‘Next-Generation Capacitive Electrodes For Personal Electrocardiography Detuned the Effect of the Capacity Of the Skin-Electrode Contact’.


A project submitted by Alexei Savel’ev, an associate professor from the Division for Computer Science, is devoted to the development a system, which can consolidate information from disparate servers located in oil fields into a single whole, as well as to automate a range of processes for management decision making.


Under RFBR support Elena Gershelis, an assistant from the Division for Geology will identify the relation between some lithological and biochemical parameters characterizing transport and transformation of organic soil carbon at the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. Ass. Prof. Maksim Rudmin from the Division for Geology will investigate ferromagnetic sulfides in sedimentary deposits in the ancient West Siberian Sea.


An engineer from the Laboratory for Plasma Hybrid Systems Ekaterina Filippova will carry out ‘A Medical and Biological Verification of the Application of Track Membranes in the Treatment of Bullous Keratopathy’. The disease is a pathology of cornea accompanied by swelling of the membrane, a lesion of the epithelial layer with the formation of specific ‘bullae’, i.e. blisters.


The full list of RFBR grant winners is available here.


The winners will get grants amounted to 500,000 rubles to implement their project during the first year.