TPU student to patent a silent alarm clock

The student of Tomsk Polytechnic University Kirill Krichivtsov designed a ‘smart’ sleeping bag with an alarm clock, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

Photo: Kirill Krichivtsov.

The device appears to be a special mattress-case. It has no risk to health and does not cause any inconvenience during sleep.

The device programmed at a required time awakens a person without a sound or vibration.  

The student says: ‘I am a second-year student and many of my groupmates live in a dormitory. I often witnessed their quarrels because of different daily routine. If a student needs to get up earlier, then everyone in the room has to wake up too because of an alarm signal. It causes a lot of inconvenience. As a result, I thought about how to fix the problem and designed my own silent alarm clock.’

The student keeps in secret the mechanism of the alarm clock until the patent is received, the application for which he has already filed. Next month Kirill is going to conduct experimental trials of the alarm clock. The young inventor hopes that the silent device will be on sale already this year.

‘This alarm will be useful not only for students but also for everyone who lives in small apartments, he says. – For example, for young mothers who do not want to wake babies, or married couples with different work schedules. This technology will be an excellent addition to the ‘smart home’ ecosystem.’

To be added, the TPU student’s project was selected for the development program for early-stage technology start-ups, i.e. a pre-accelerator of GenerationS.