International students to write a lite version of Total Dictation at Tomsk Polytechnic University

International students of Tomsk universities studying Russian as a foreign language have an opportunity for the first time to pass TruD, a lite test based on the author’s text of Total Dictation. A venue is provided by Tomsk Polytechnic University, said the Total Dictation coordinator in Tomsk Vladislav Minkovskiy.

In 2018, Total Dictation will be held on 14 April. Tomsk Polytechnic University is a partner of the event. This year Tomsk residents and guests can test their literacy at five sites of the University.

Totally, in Tomsk there are 12 sites to hold Total Dictation, only one is organized for international students. Registration is required.

«One of the sites is located in the 227 lecture room, the TPU Main Building (30 Lenin Ave.). On 14 April TruD will be written by foreign students for whom it is difficult to write the general dictation.»

It will be, let’s say, a lite version of the Total Dictation. In Tomsk such action will be held for the first time,’ he explains.

He added, TruD will include the correct spelling of Russian words presented aurally and an extract from the dictation text itself. International students from all Tomsk universities are invited to participate in the dictation.

599 people have been already been registered at all sites of the city.

The first TruD was held in 2016. 1, 069 people from 54 cities and 26 countries took part in the dictation.

Total Dictation is an annual educational action organized in the form of a voluntary dictation for all comers. It is aimed at providing each person an opportunity to test his/her knowledge of the Russian language and to enhance literacy. In 2017, the action was held in over 800 cities of 68 countries. Last year, in Tomsk 453 participants out of 1,117 Tomsk residents chose the locations of Tomsk Polytechnic University. There were no mistakes in the texts of 112 Tomsk residents.  


More details and a list of sites in Tomsk are available at the website of Total Dictation.