Tomsk Polytechnic University advances to 8th in National University Rankings in Russia

Tomsk Polytechnic University has improved its position by two points in the National University Rankings released on Tuesday.

The National University Rankings is annually compiled by Interfax Group and Echo of Moscow Radio Station.  This year the rating has compiled for the 9th time.

Experts evaluated 288 leading universities of Russia that is 24 more compared to the previous year.  The rankings include 21 participants of the 5-100 Project, 29 national research universities, 10 federal universities and 33 basic universities. The institutions were evaluated against six indicators: Education, Research, Social Work, International Outlook, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Brand. Scores of six indicators contributed to the overall ranking of a university.

In the overall rankings, Tomsk Polytechnic University takes the 8th place, advancing by two points. TPU overall scores are 783 that exceed the previous one by 103 points.

TPU takes the seventh position within the following categories: Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Brand.