TPU Professor awarded Global Energy Prize

This year Sergey Alekseenko, RAS academician and a professor from the TPU Butakov Research Center and Martin Green, a professor from of the University of New South Wales (Australia), were awarded the prestigious international Global Energy Prize, said the organizers at the TASS press conference.

A solemn awarding ceremony will be held in October within the Russian Energy Week. Laureates of 2018 will be granted gold medals, badges, diplomas, and they will share a prize fund of 39 million rubles.  The Prize will be awarded by the RF President Vladimir Putin or his official representative.

Sergey Alekseenko is a RAS academician, he has been the director of the Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS for many years. The scientist is a well-known expert on thermophysics, power engineering, and energy conservation. He is the author of 300 scientific works, including 6 monographs and 130 papers. He has 33 patents. The scientist is recognized for research and developments in thermophysics that enabled the creation of modern energy saving equipment.

TPU Rector Petr Chubik congratulated Academician Alekseenko on the international prize:

‘You have rightly deserved this weighty and very prestigious award in the scientific world through your exceptional achievements in research and development in the field of heat power and heat transfer systems, which enhanced the resource potential of mankind. - TPU community is proud of you! For many years, you have been working as a part-time professor of TPU and participated in the development of the University. We supported your nominating for the Global Energy Prize without any hesitation. One more member to the club of TPU laureates of this largest energy prize!

With all my heart I wish you new discoveries and breakthroughs, achievements and wins, let your project come true, prosperity and good health!’

This is not the first TPU scientist receiving the prestigious international energy prize for scientific developments in the field of energy. Since its foundation in 2002, 37 scientists from over 10 countries were awarded this prize. Among them there were TPU alumni Gennadiy Mesyats for the development of powerful pulse energy and fundamental research in this field, Vladimir Nakoryakov for the project Physico-Technical Fundamentals Of Heat-Power Technologies such as hydrodynamics, heat transfer, non-stationary and wave processes in multiphase media. The prize was also awarded to TPU Honorary Professor Alexei Kontorovich for the research on the introduction of new methods for prospecting, exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields, and the scientific supervisor of the TPU International Research Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy Technologies Thorsteinn Inga Sigfusson for the project Studies And Work On The Introduction Of Hydrogen Energy In Iceland.