Over 600 graduates with honors receive medals on solemn rector's reception

On the eve, the rector's reception for TPU graduates with honors was held in the Great Concert Hall (GCH) of the Tomsk Philharmonic Society. Best of the best received the highest corporate award for students - the bronze medal For Merits To TPU as well as commemorative medals for academic successes.  Over 600 people were awarded in GCH. A vibrant concert program was prepared for them.

rector reception for graduates with honors

Rector Petr Chubik addressed the graduates: ‘I heartily congratulate you on the excellent graduation of Tomsk Polytechnic University. But do you know, holders of diplomas with honors, what stars in the sky and TPU graduates have in common? There are actually a lot in common. TPU alumni live brightly, so brightly as they themselves become stars in any field and ignite others. Our alumni wherever they work, what city or country they live in establish branches of the TPU Alumni Association, where they keep communicating, assisting each other and being friends.

In general, TPU with its 120-year history is a super star which is able to give birth new and super nova stars like you.’

The rector invited all graduate to light their symbolic stars.  Hundreds of lanterns were simultaneously lit in the concert hall.

The light flash mob

After the improvised flash mob, the graduates with highest achievements in scientific, academic, social and creative activities received first bronze medals For Merits To TPU. These medals were awarded by TPU alumni and representatives of employers such as OOO Gazprom transgaz Tomsk.

TPU alumnus, Mayor of the city of Tomsk Ivan Klein reminded the graduates: ‘Remember these sense of leadership. Welcome to the brotherhood of Tomsk Polytechnic alumni and never forget Tomsk Polytechnic University is the best!

Totally 71 graduates were awarded the bronze medals at the rector's reception. The others received commemorative medals for academic achievements.

International graduates with rector Petr Chubik

Among graduates with honors there are 122 bachelors, 25 specialists, and 495 masters. After graduation part of them will continue studies, the others will start their careers. For example, the graduate of the School of Energy & Power Engineering Ekaterina Koltunova is going to work for Mechatronika-Soft.

‘I entered TPU after graduation from TPU Lyceum, where I started my research being in the 10th grade only. During my studies I tried myself in different directions, in my background, there are more than 20 scientific articles and many conferences, international student schools in Spain and Turkey, the UMNIK grant. Eventually, I realized that I was more interested in the practical implementation of my ideas. For the last two years I have been working in the company Mechatronika-Soft in the field of robotics. I want robotics developments to find their customers in the international market,’ the graduate told.