Elite’s institution: Forbes Russia ranks TPU 12th among Russian universities

Forbes Russia compiled the first Russian University Ranking, evaluating universities with respect to 10 indicators divided into three categories: education quality, graduate quality, and the Forbes factor. The editors of the rating sought to evaluate the quality of Russian education and identify what universities produce young people with entrepreneurship sense, possibly even capable to enter the Forbes list or to become part of Russian political elite. Tomsk Polytechnic University showed the best result among nonmetropolitan universities in Russia and took the 12th position.

Forbes rating

According to the editors, the rating is based on the effectiveness surveys of over 600 higher education institutions, released by the RF Ministry of Education.  The rating methodology takes into account not only education quality but also statistics on graduate employability, regional demand for graduates, and the number of entrepreneurs among them. Forbes investigated biographies of over 1,600 representatives of Russian elite - the participants of the Forbes list and their children, heads of public and private companies, officials, and deputies.

As a result, the universities were analyzed against ten metrics grouped around three categories: education quality, graduate quality, and the Forbes factor taking into account the high-end status of the institution and the share of entrepreneurs in the overall number of graduates. Tomsk Polytechnic University earned 44.63 scores in the rating. The strongest position of TPU is education quality.

Forbes rating_table Photo:  forbes.ru

The rating is topped by the Russian Economic School, followed by the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on the third place. In addition, the highest Forbes factor was granted to the MGIMO University and MIPT. The positions of other Tomsk-based universities are as follows: TSU is 30th, TUSUR - 31st, SSMU - 59th. 

The results of the rating confirm that Tomsk Polytechnic University provides high-quality training of both future entrepreneurs and officials of all levels, deputies, and top managers of private and public companies. Graduates possessing a set of competencies gained at the University are capable and already head the most important development directions in Russia and abroad.