Over 200 international students graduate from TPU in 2018

A solemn graduation ceremony at the School of Core Engineering Education was held at the international Culture Center of TPU. The majority of international students of the University study at this School.  This year 90 representatives from China, Mongolia, Algeria and Kazakhstan, as well as 50 Russian citizens have graduated from the School. All they received diplomas of the bachelor and specialist degrees.

international graduates 2018

The director of the School of Core Engineering Education Denis Chaykovsky addressed the graduates: ‘You will face multiple challenges in life. At the moment, having defended your diplomas you passed one of the most critical stages thus opening new opportunities. From the bottom of my heart I wish you to choose the right path and always remember Tomsk Polytechnic, and we, in the person of TPU, will always remember you.’

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Wagner

TPU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Wagner awarded the graduates diplomas and recognition letters for achievements in scientific and creative activities of the University, as well as on behalf of Rector Petr Chubik congratulated them on the significant event in their life:

‘For those who today receive higher education diplomas of TPU, this day turns into a point of growth, self-development, and professionalism.

High-quality education that you gained at TPU will surely open the doors of companies and governmental agencies you were dreaming to work for. We are always glad to see those wishing to devote their lives to science at unique master and PhD programs of our University.’

Bronze medals For Merits To TPU were awarded by the Head of Department of Science and Education of Tomsk Oblast Nikolay Minaev:

‘It is a great honor for all of you to get higher education in one of the world’s best universities. Now the diploma of Tomsk Polytechnic University is not only a privilege for each of you before employers but also a huge responsibility to maintain the reputation of the University always and everywhere.’

Totally, 204 international graduates including 140 bachelors, 63 masters and 1 specialist graduated this year from Tomsk Polytechnic University.