System engineers for IT: where and how TPU trains them

TPU offers a Master degree program in Information Systems and Technologies. This program allows training specialists with skills and knowledge in the field of software engineering who know and can apply the appropriate tools of system engineering at all stages of software and information systems life cycle. Three groups of students have already graduated and all of them were successfully employed by IT and petroleum companies.

The head of the program highlights that currently programmers develop, implement and support more and more complex software and information systems. While supporting such programs, especially the corporate level, it is often necessary to solve very complex tasks of their modernization and integration with other enterprise systems. To their successful solution, specialists should take into account the features of other stages in a product life cycle, even at the design stage, relying on methods of system engineering. It means that the IT industry needs programmers with a new set of skills.

“Currently, a number of leading national and international universities are training highly demanded specialists in system engineering in the field of software development and support. Tomsk Polytechnic University launched the program in Information Systems and Technologies in 2014. All the program graduates successfully found jobs at IT and petroleum companies and other industries”, says Nikolai Markov, Professor of the Division for Information Technology.

Additionally to general professional subjects, students study a number of special subjects, such as: Programming Tools, Data Management Technologies, Management of Software Development Projects, System Engineering, Engineering Requirements for Systems, Software Quality Management, Development and Support of Web-Based Systems, System Integration, and others.

The students can undertake its practical training at IT and petroleum companies. This allows them to sharpen their skills through real tasks and situations.

It is worth noting, that the program graduates will be able to design and support software of any complexity and manage projects related to software design and implementation. Currently, in the US and a number of European countries, high-tech system engineers are the most highly paid specialists. In Russia, there is also a growing need for system engineers, mostly in the IT industry.