Tomsk Polytechnic University trains specialists in digitalization of high-tech industries

A new Master degree program in Cyber-Physical Automation of High-Tech Processes and Productions was launched at TPU. Since November 2018, the university will begin to train specialists in the field of digitalization of production.

The very concept of cyberphysical automation emerged from the revolutionary idea of the Industry 4.0. It implies a greater automation of almost all production processes and stages including digital product designing, creation of its virtual copy, remote equipment configuration at a factory, automatic ordering of necessary components in the required quantity, search and identification of production bottlenecks even prior to the stage of its construction, work of adjacent enterprises in a single information system, and others. This is a completely new approach to production, calling for new specialists.

"We look at graduates of this program as specialists in the field of production digitalization who will be able to develop, implement and maintain digitalization elements in various fields of high-tech enterprises”,

- notes Sergey Leonov, the head of the program and the head of the Division for Automation and Robotics.

Graduates will be able to work as IT specialists, engineers, site and department managers, project chief engineers, etc.

New trends in digitalization have brought automation specialists to a new level. They are now deemed as specialists preparing solutions for more global challenges attributed to production planning, inter alia, its technological level rather than specialists merely involved in the maintenance of equipment”, - responds Sergey Leonov.

Beyond traditional subjects students will study SMART-management of the production process, automation of business processes in high-tech industries, and integrated design and management systems.

“Students will have an opportunity to practice at advanced enterprises, including the SIBUR, the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia. This is an example of an organization that is interested in digitizing its production”,

— adds the head of the program.