Tomsk Polytechnic University trains designers of technologies to test modern equipment

This year, the School of Non-Destructive Testing will launch a new master degree program – Industrial Tomography of Complex Systems. This program is aimed to train designers and developers of technologies, systems and instruments to test modern industrial equipment.

The program will allow students to analyze the design features and technical characteristics of medical equipment and specialized software products, production technologies, conditions and methods of operation, and testing capabilities of modern tomographic complexes.

The program graduates will be able to work at research organizations and universities, high-tech enterprises of petroleum industry, petrochemical industry, cable instrument-making enterprises, aviation and shipbuilding industries, railway and road transport, medical instrument making, and space technology and electronics.

"Each corporation needs a system of non-destructive testing allowing to scan the internal structure of an object without damaging it. This technology is used in nuclear, gas-producing, shipbuilding, ship repair, and other industries. In the first place, it is important for safety, in order to find defects in the product in time. We will train this in the framework of our program”,

 — says Anatoly Surzhikov, the head of the Division for Testing and Diagnostics.

During the training, the students will be able to pass internships at enterprises of the program strategic partners in Russia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.