A graduate from Vietnam about his experience at the university: Tomsk Polytechnic University is the top Russian university in the field of nuclear physics

Chan Tuan Hoang came to Tomsk from Vietnam. This year he finished his bachelor course in Nuclear Physics and Technology. Nowadays he is going to apply for a master program at TPU and further he plans to devote his life to science. He shared his experience of life and study at TPU with our Press Office.

After a year in one of the Russian universities, Chen and several other Vietnamese students decided to transfer to TPU to study nuclear physics.

"We decided to transfer to Tomsk Polytechnic University since it is the top university in the field of nuclear physics,

 — says Chan. At the beginning, it was difficult to study together with Russian students because of language barrier and specific physical terms. However, soon we managed to catch up our group mates due to good lectures and textbooks”.

This June Chan successfully presented his bachelor thesis dedicated to Neutron-Physical Calculation of Water Power Reactor and submitted documents for the university master degree program. In the future, he plans to go into science.

“These four years at TPU gave much scientific experience. I participated in conferences and Olympiads, read interesting works of other students dedicated to Nuclear Physics.

My research supervisor, Associate Professor Gennady Kolpakov, generously shared his knowledge in the field of nuclear power industry. It is his experience that allowed me to easier understand the special literature and prepare my thesis”, - says the graduate.

Chan was impressed that there were many benevolent people here, who helped him with study and science, told about Russian culture and taught how to cope with winter frost in Siberia. One of his brightest impressions was the celebration of the 9th of May, the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.

“I am greatly impressed by this holiday. Every year, I attend the parade and watch the parade on the Red Square in the Internet”.