Physics, chemistry, biomedicine and entrepreneurship: minor courses for freshmen

In addition to major courses at the university, from the first year of study TPU students might take minor courses, i.e. in-depth study of a particular subject or a new subject domain for personal development. The three-and-half-year courses provide advanced knowledge and opportunities. After completing a course, students will get a certificate in both Russian and English.

‘In the modern world, the academic process allows students designing personal development trajectories from the very beginning of the study and choosing additional disciplines to apply in the future,’ – says the head of the Office of Olympiad Movement Support Darya Bay.

The minor courses Modern Physics and Chemical and Biomedical Technology are intended for students who would like to be fully engaged in science. Thus, the students will get an opportunity to join a large international research project, to go to an internship abroad, and due to high activity even to win a grant and to realize the boldest ideas using state-of-the-art equipment together with research supervisors.

The courses will be organized as project activities within a research group. 

The first year of study will cover the theory of inventive problem solving (TIPS or TRIZ – in Russian) which changes the way of thinking, practical psychology aimed at personality growth and development, as well as fosters project design and grant application

In the following years, young scientists will study mathematical methods in engineering and natural sciences, the structure of substances, applied physics, and chemistry, and carry out research projects.

Another minor course Entrepreneurship in Digital Economy is useful for students going to approve themselves in business. They will also study the psychology of personality and inventory problems solving, and besides, discover applied technology of digital economy and carry out individual entrepreneurial projects. 

‘It will be easy to combine major and minor courses. In a term there will be two-three disciplines, i.e. the same number of classes a week,’

notes Darya Bay. ‘We expect freshmen with a high academic background, including graduates of dedicated high school profiles on math’s, physics, chemistry, IT, winners of Olympiads and engineering competitions, as well as those interested in their personal development and gaining the most benefits from the University.’

Admission to the courses will be based on the entrance exams which all freshmen passed on August 27. The courses start on October 1, participation is free.

The curriculum of all courses is available at the link

An organizing meeting is scheduled for September 14, at 17:00, 234 lecture hall, TPU Main Building. Students will learn about all opportunities of the minor courses (additional training). 

For additional information, please visit the Office of Olympiad Movement Support (Room 104, Building 19) or contact by phone: 60-61-27.