Science Communication School to start at TPU

In October 2018, Tomsk Polytechnic University will hold the 2nd Science Communication School. Undergraduate, master and PhD students, research fellows of universities and research companies, scientists and all interested in gaining basic skills for building a successful scientific career are welcome to participate in the School. 

According to the School organizers, three days of intensive activities will provide an opportunity for the participants to learn how to build a research career, to master oral skills and to present their own research to the world. 

The School format will make it possible to communicate, to exchange professional experience as well as to master all the knowledge gained in practice. 

The School will cover such topics as efficient communication at conferences: the establishment of international scientific relationships and collaborations; oral skills for researchers: presenting at conferences, networking, defense of research projects; study results publication in high-rated journals: editing papers in English, a logical structure of written speech, the selection of a journal to publish; the ethics of research. 

Early-career scientists will find out the rules of communication with editors and reviewers of scientific journals and how to enhance the visibility of their research. 

The School will also highlight the stages of building a research career and key trends of scientific communication including altmetrics, open science, digital technology in science and others.

Famous speakers will lecture at the School. For example, Durga Sabnis has been engaged in cancer research for over 10 years, she received her PhD in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Nottingham. She will lecture on open science and open access and research promotion and the SCNs application.

Andrey Loktev, the Elsevier advisor for analytic solutions, will hold training devoted to Trends in global science: what to pay attention to and run a practical workshop on the SciVal analytic system.

Dmitry Malkov, the director of ITMO Center for Science Communication, will hold training What is common between Hirsh index and Twitter and why researchers need communication and popularization skills.

More information about the participation in the School is available on its website.