Famous Arctic researchers met in Moscow to discuss an upcoming expedition of RAS and TPU

Last week the meeting of leading researchers of the Arctic was held in Moscow. The strategic partner of Tomsk Polytechnic University Professor Orjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University arrived in Russia on a business visit to discuss the main outcomes of joint activities and cooperation prospects. In the framework of the meeting the researchers discussed the main results and grand challenges of the Earth Sciences as applied to Arctic system studies, as well as the research expedition to the East Arctic Seas which will start from Arkhangelsk on 21 September 2018. 

Photo: The research vessel Academician Mstislav Keldysh

During 35 days 70 researchers from TPU, Stockholm University, the Pacific Oceanological Institute of FEB RAS, the Institute of Marine Biology FEB RAS, Moscow State University, the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, and research institutes of RAS will work on the ship Academician Mstislav Keldysh. It is noteworthy that for the first time TPU is an official co-organizer and a participant of such a large scientific expedition.

On the first day a scientific workshop headed by the academician-secretary of the Branch, Academician Alexander Gliko, was held jointly with the leadership of the Earth Sciences Department of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

At the workshop, a report Grand Challenges in Earth Sciences: Thawing permafrost and collapsing hydrates — long-term colloborative studies in the Siberian Arctic coastal system was delivered by Professor Orjan Gustafsson from Stockholm University and a full member of the Nobel Committee, an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The famous researcher has been cooperating with Tomsk Polytechnic University since 2014. He often visited the University with open lectures and published scientific papers in co-authorship with TPU scientists in highly-rated journals including Nature Geoscience and Nature Communications. In November 2016 he actively participated in the organization and running of the TPU-based International Forum devoted to biogeochemical consequences of permafrost degradation in the Arctic Ocean, and in the establishment of the International Siberian Arctic Scientific Center based at TPU. 

Photo: Orjan Gustafsson at the International Arctic Research Forum at TPU.

The leading research fellow Natalia Shakhova from the TPU International Research Laboratory for Arctic Seas Carbon presented the report on Degradation of subsea permafrost: methane release and geohazards in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf.

Leopold Lobkovskiy, the scientific head of the Geology Direction of the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS Associate Member delivered his report on Geodynamical processes in the Arctic and connected geohazards on the shelf.

The head of the International Arctic Research Laboratory of the Pacific Ocean Institute of FEB RAS Igor Semiletov, TPU professor, RAS Associate Member delivered a report on Permafrost degradation and carbon cycle imbalance in the Siberian Arctic land-shelf-atmosphere system.

On 14 September, the meeting of the scientific consortium between TPU and leading marine RAS institutes (RAS IO and FEB RAS POI) was held with RAS Vice President, ISR AEROCOSMOS Director, academician Valery Bondur, an outstanding researcher in Earth exploration from space. Main areas of his research are related to the development of physical principals and system-wide principals for the creation of complex aerospace systems for the study of oceans, atmosphere, geological environment, land surface, and near-Earth space.

TPU scientists talked on the main outcomes and development plans, implemented within the grants of the RF Government (led by Igor Semiletov) and Russian Science Foundation (led by Natalia Shakhova). The scientific discussion involved Leopold Lobkovskiy and Evgeniy Romankevich, the founder of organic geochemistry, principal researcher, professor of the RAS P.P Shirshov OI, and academician of RAS.