Two new online engineering courses launched at Tomsk Polytechnic University

Tomsk Polytechnic University is launching seven massive open online courses (MOOCs) at once in October, two of which are completely new. The courses are devoted to clean energy, engineering of the future, Russian history and much more. They are open for students, schoolchildren, specialists of enterprises, and others who want to increase the level of his/her education, qualification and expand erudition. 

Photo: Engineering of the Future

The course Engineering of the Future starts on the Russian platform Stepik. It is intended for schoolchildren, future applicants, and anyone who is interested in engineering. Students will learn how to make money in the cyberspace and try to design 3D models of space technology elements. The course Introduction to Petroleum Engineering also starts on the TPU e-learning platform. The course is delivered in English.

Five TPU courses are launched at once in October on Lectorium. The course Flaw Detection: To See the Invisible will present the capabilities of the modern non-destructive technology. It is mainly intended for students from appropriate programs, specialists in the field of non-destructive testing. The course Myths and Facts about Rocks is created for schoolchildren and prospective entrants of geological faculties, undergraduate students studying geology, mineralogy and petrography, as well as naturalists interested in minerals and rocks.  

For the first time the Russian History is launched on the external platform. It is designed for eight weeks and will be of interest to schoolchildren and freshmen and sophomores of the University. 

Photo: Nanostructured Ceramics

Here, on Lectorium, two new courses are launched, in particular, Nanostructured Ceramics for students and specialists and Clean Energy On Solid Fuels Is Real which tells about the use of natural solid fuels in the energy sector.

 The Vice-Rector for Digital Affairs – Director of the Center for Digital Education Aleksandr Fadeev notes:

‘Today TPU online courses include not only high end engineering content from the University instructors. In the course design, relevant educational technologies are used including VR tools. Students can master practical skills via virtual simulators that are the exact models of the real University laboratories.

For a younger audience, i.e. schoolchildren and entrants, materials are delivered in the form of entertaining quests and practical cases. In addition, the young students having successfully completed the courses, can earn additional scores for admission to Tomsk Polytechnic University.’

Photo: Flaw Detection: To See the Invisible

TPU online courses are available at the resource One Window (in Russian - Odno Okno) created within the framework of the priority federal project The Modern Digital Environment in the Russian Federation. Courses on the portal can be chosen and taken free of charge by students, schoolchildren, employees of a company to improve their qualifications, as well as each person interested in improving his/her level of education. Students having successfully completed a course in a particular subject at this resource will be able to transfer course credits to own university.