International forum to elaborate recommendations for teaching entrepreneurship in Russian universities

The Student Technology Entrepreneurship Forum will be held on 14-16 November at Tomsk Polytechnic University. It will be a unique platform for effective interaction of all stakeholders including universities, corporations, and representatives of infrastructure and authorities, in the domain of the organization and development of the student technological entrepreneurship. The registration of participants is already open. 

The objective of the Forum is to discuss and consolidate the global best practices for the development of technology entrepreneurship expertise within engineering programs, share experience and elaborate recommendations for teaching entrepreneurship at the universities of the country. The recommendations will be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

According to organizers, the entrepreneurial mission becomes one of the priorities of the Russian universities and a modern university is now complemented with new roles bound to the development of the social and economic environment of a city or a region. One of the most important tools to achieve this objective is the development of an entrepreneurial mindset of university students.

‘Now we need specialists who are able to independently find a motion vector, set tasks, take responsibility, be aware of the existing groundwork and ensure their applied implementation. All these should be focused on the real goals of the economy and industries of the country,’

- say the forum organizers.

Enterprise becomes one of the key qualities. Employers want to see their employees flexible, able to create and launch new products and innovations.

Thus, the best practices in the development of entrepreneurial thinking and enterprise will become one of the main topics of the Forum. The agenda of the Forum includes the discussion on the Role of Universities in the Development of Student Technology Entrepreneurship, roundtables devoted to the introduction of student technology entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, and the development of entrepreneurial competencies. There will also be an expert workshop and the 7th annual contest of business projects 10K: Ideas for Life. 

Experts from China, USA, Sweden, and Finland will take part in the Forum. This will make it possible to share the relevant experience thereby fostering the improvement of the current methods used to develop entrepreneurial competencies of engineering students. 

The partners of the Forum include the following: Consortium of Leading Universities of Science and Technology (CLUSTER), Conference of European Schools of Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER), Tomsk Oblast Administration, National Training Foundation, Association for Engineering Education of Russia, Russian Venture Company, eNano (subsidiary of Rusnano), Tomsk Consortium of Educational and Scientific Organizations, WIN business development, Program for Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship at Universities and others.