TPU students design one of the top three best children’s construction kits in Russia

A project of Tomsk Polytechnic University students the children’s construction kit Electronic Circuits has taken the second place in the final of the contest for the design and fabrication of innovative products Innovations for Childhood. As a result, TPU designers were invited to a pitch session of the forum Open Innovations to present their project to investors.

Open Innovations is an open contest accelerator in the design and fabrication of innovative products, i.e. games, toys, gaming technology and gaming equipment. The contest is organized by the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) and the Foundation for Promoting Innovation.

A master student from the School of Engineering Entrepreneurship Bayaskhalan Alekseev, a master student from the School of Non-Destructive Testing & Security Egor Dergunov and a graduate of the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Dmitri Tkachev represented TPU. They presented their children’s construction kit Electronic Circuits in the section Innovative Product. 

‘Modern children spend a lot of time with gadgets and often they do not understand how the simplest devices work. Therefore, we come up to create a cognitive construction kit that even adults would want to play,’

say the designers. – the construction kit is a set of components and a platform to assemble electronic circuits. The kit’s equipment is specially selected so that children can combine theoretical training with practice. Having studied the basic principles of assembling electronic circuits, children will be immediately able to assemble a night light or an alarm.’ 

In the final the construction kit received positive feedback from the representatives of the industry. As a result it was awarded the second place and invited to a pitch session for investors from the largest forum Open Innovations.

Bayaskhalan Alekseev says:

‘In the contest Innovations for childhood, five start-ups were selected to present their projects to investors in Skolkovo, we were in this top five. Feedback on this project was very good and we see that people like our construction kit.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work.’

Egor Dergunuv and Dmitri Tkachev began to work on the kit last year. The students wanted to make assembling electronic circuits as safer as possible and decided to use a magnetic connection. It worked. Bayaskhalan Alekseev joined the team this year. 

‘In the short term we will start creating an app with augmented reality. It will help children to clearly understand how current runs in the electronic circuit, where an error is in its assembling, also to get more accessible theoretical knowledge,’

- shares Bayaskhalan.

‘Our start construction kit includes seven components on the basis of which other devices will be assembled. We will produce builds with additional components intended for a particular device. These are the components of the first construction kit that will be the basis for other devices assembling.’