Universities, authorities and businesses share practices and vision on technology entrepreneurship at the international forum at TPU

On the eve, in the framework of the international forum Student Technology Entrepreneurship the roundtable devoted to Student technology entrepreneurship: business requirements and university opportunities was held at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Representatives of universities, authorities and business community discussed the development of student technology entrepreneurship in the country and shared their practices in this field. 

At the beginning of the discussion, TPU Vice-Rector for External Affairs Liliya Kiriyanova presented the CESAER white paper on the role of universities of science and technology in innovative ecosystems: towards mission 3.1. The paper presents best practices of technical universities in the development of innovative ecosystems, including TPU experience in involving students in entrepreneurship.

CESAER is an association which consists of 54 universities in 25 European countries. Since 2005, TPU is the only Russian university to be a member of CESAER. This year the organization has published a white paper providing an overview of the role universities of science and technology (S&T) in innovation ecosystems and in building a highly competitive knowledge-based industry for the future. The white paper is mainly intended to leaders of S&T universities from around the world, as well as funders and policymakers at regional, national and European level. Besides the TPU best practice, the white paper includes the Polytechnic University of Turin, the Delft University of Technology, the Polytechnic University of Milan and others.

Presenting the white paper to the forum participants, Liliya Kiriyanova noted:

‘The main mission of CESAER is to find best practices in the education of researchers and engineers in Europe and disseminate them across the world. TPU received the right to present the white paper in the Russian language. Currently, it is prepared an electronic version that will be available for all stakeholders. We will try to bring this unique expertise to all Russian universities, authorities, and funders.

The paper argues that universities are crucial players in regional innovation ecosystems as they identify new talents and invest in those who will be the engine of innovative progress.

Another important idea of the paper is that entrepreneurial learning should be available to all students regardless of their specialty.’

Further, at the roundtable TPU Rector Petr Chubik told in details about the System for Involving Students in Entrepreneurship which was launched at the University in 2010. The objective of the project is to enhance the competencies of students in technological entrepreneurship and to increase the number of student startups. 

According to the Director of Department of Public Policy in Higher Education and Youth Policy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Artemy I. Rozhkov, the state actively supports initiatives on student technology entrepreneurship in universities, since this direction ensures the implementation and formation of new programs, ensures close relationships with industry, provides students the opportunity to participate in real projects, and enhances students’ focus on practice. 

‘The forum is of great interest for us, including in order to learn best practices formed in the Tomsk Oblast, other regions of Russia and abroad. This will contribute to the design of an action plan, a roadmap of technology entrepreneurship development. I can say the forum is of great interest in terms of immersion in this issue in order to those new joint ideas, practices that can be replicated then at all educational organization of our country,’

said Artemy I. Rozhkov.