Students from Africa learn about TPU international nuclear programs

Students from South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, and journalists from Ghana, Kenia, Nigeria, and SAR visited Tomsk Polytechnic University. Here they got acquainted with the history, capabilities, and international nuclear educational programs of the University. During the visit, the students saw the cyclotron and the radiological canyon of Tomsk which are sites for taking internships and research activities of international students and postgraduate students of TPU nuclear educational programs. They also met TPU current students from Africa pursuing nuclear master's and PhD programs in English.

Director of the School of Nuclear Science & Engineering Oleg Dolmatov notes:

‘The interaction with universities, expert community, and mass media, as well as the demonstration of successful nuclear projects is one of the important dimensions to provide information support to the Russian nuclear industry and nuclear energy technology across African countries. 

Therefore the visit of African students and journalists is of high importance for our university. We are grateful to Rusatom – International Network which deals with the promotion of Russian nuclear education in partner countries of Rosatom State Corporation. We expect that this event will expand the pool of loyal representatives of the scientific community and the general public supporting further cooperation between the countries of Africa and Russia in the atomic area.’