TPU Rector congratulates all fellows on the upcoming holidays

Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University Petr Chubik congratulates TPU community - faculty, staff members, students, and alumni on the upcoming new year. 

'Dear colleagues!

Another year is coming to its logical end. We are on the threshold of the new 2019. The best programs of the future cannot be downloaded without setting the record straight in past and present. We all know that Monday starts on Saturday…

Throughout 2018 Tomsk Polytechnic University as one of the leading centers of the global science and a top engineering university has been improving the system for engineering education thus satisfying the future needs of the economy. We were able to focus on priority research fields that ensure our recognition on the international market, give new impetus to the interaction with industrial partners and development of entrepreneurial education, significantly enhance the human potential of the University, including by recruiting foreign experts.

The outgoing 2018 is mainly identified with ranking breakthroughs. That is clear because rankings as complex indicators record the achievements in qualitative metrics that are nothing but the consequence of evolutionary workflows of our University.

The results in subject rankings confirmed a strong position of TPU as an engineering school. We exceeded the set indicators, having hit and taken simultaneously enough high places in several subject rankings of all leading world university ‘measuring systems’ of QS, THE and ARWU. In the QS WUR by Subject Tomsk Polytechnic University entered the top 300 on the category Engineering and Technology. For the first time TPU came into the spotlight in the THE WUR by Subject: Computer Science, taking the place in the band 401-500. In 2018, our University also entered the top 300 of ARWU in the category Instrument Making. Eventually, we were short-listed in the overall ARWU table. Thus, in the outgoing year TPU asserted itself absolutely in all reputable world university rankings.  

This confirms that no matter what measuring systems or methods we are assessed against, we are still in the top 10 Russia’s best universities in all international and national rankings! Behind these indicators there is daily, systematic, persistent work of the entire TPU team aimed at improving the quality of engineering education, ensuring scientific breakthroughs, enhancing the University recognition in the world and its investment potential.

The task of the program commitments, further development and global competitiveness enhancement of TPU as a participant of the 5-100 Project remains the primary objective for the next two years. Therefore, the tactics towards our future prosperity is to continue to act in the spirit of responsible service to our professional and civic duty. There are no doubts that the new 2019 will become a worthy successor of the outgoing 2018, will continue a series of achievements and surely meet the expectations of every stakeholder. TPU shall always be at the forefront of scientific and technological progress!

Dear friends! No one can turn back time and change his start but each one can start right now and change his finish line. Now is an excellent chance to do it!

May the coming year be the beginning of something new in your life! Then we will have common success, achievements, and benefits. Their quantity will surely turn into a new quality.

The most important gift of the New Year holiday is our hope for the best… So let all the best be sure to happen in 2019!

Dear friends, wishing you a Happy New Year!’

Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University,

Professor P. Chubik