Best TPU undergraduate and postgraduate students of 2018

Students and early-career scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University actively conduct scientific research and implement their projects. Every year they participate in the most prestigious scholarship competitions, publish their articles in reputable international scientific journals, and win in the All-Russia student contests. According to TPU Center for Science Career Development, the editorial board of the corporate newspaper Za Kadry.TPU summed up scientific achievements of the best TPU undergraduate and postgraduate students in 2018.

Best students

Dmitri Antonov, School of Energy & Power Engineering

Dmitri became the laureate of Yu. D. Maslyukov Scholarship and the All-Russia competition of research project for undergraduate and postgraduate students and research academic institutes of Russia in natural sciences, technical sciences and humanities Shag v Nauku. Four articles authored by Dmitri were published in Q1 journals and indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. 

‘In the coming year, I will continue to run my research in the field of heat mass transfer, to present the results of the study at conferences and competitions of various levels and enjoy my job.’

Irina Danilova, School of Nuclear Science & Engineering

Irina became the winner of the RF President Scholarship, Academician V.E. Nakoryakov Scholarship, as well as Tomsk City Scholarship. Irina won in the All-Russia Student Science Presentations Contest called Functional Materials: Development, Research, Application. She also took the third place in the All-Russia sports aerobics competition Snezhnye Uzory. 

‘I plan to continue developing a method for measuring the distribution of electron flux density in a beam cross-section using mathematical reconstruction, which will provide for high-precision measurement of a cross beam profile required for radiation therapy.’

Valeriya Drebot, School of Earth Science & Engineering

Valeriya became a nominal scholarship holder of V.I. Vernadskiy Non-governmental Environmental Foundation and British Petroleum, a laureate of Tomsk Oblast Award in education, science, healthcare and culture and a participant of EAGE Copenhagen 2018. She is an author and a co-author of eight scientific articles. She received a second-degree diploma at the M.A. Usov International Symposium of Students and Early-Career Scientists called Geology and Subsoil Development Challenges. 

‘This year I will continue my study at the double degree PhD program and research on RSF and RFBR grants.’

Andrei Zvyagin, School of Nuclear Science & Engineering

Andrei passed internships at the University of Duisburg-Essen and at the University of Cologne (Germany). Andrei won the scholarship of RF President and DAAD, and G-RICS. He is also a winner of the UNMIK contest with his project Development and Modification of Bioresorbable Scaffolds on the Basis of Mixture of PHB, PVDF and PANi Polymers for Medical Applications. 

‘In 2019 I am focusing on my master degree dissertation on technical physics, work as an engineer at the Research Center on Physical Materials Science and Composite Material and I will write articles on the outcomes of research carried out last year.’

Elena Zatonova, School of Non-Destructive Testing & Security

Elena became a winner of the scholarships of Tomsk Oblast, Gazprombank and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Elena won in the All-Russia Business English Olympiad for non-linguistic students, received the first-degree diploma for the best presentation at the All-Russia Student Scientific and Practical Conference called Science and Manufacturing: State and Prospects. 

‘Next year I want to develop myself as a scientist and a specialist.’

Best PhD students

Angelina Krasnykh, Research School of High Energy Physics

Angelina became a winner at the Kurchatov Institute Winter School (St. Petersburg), won RF Government Scholarship and Academician V.A. Glukhikh Scholarship. Angelina published six articles in scientific journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, five articles in the peer-reviewed VAK journals. 

‘In the new year, together with a research team I will actively work on the project devoted to the development of a software-hardware complex for the creation of devices forming the transverse profile of dose fields of therapeutic electron beams based on additive technologies, which was supported by RSF. I also expect trips to advanced Russian and international cancer centers and the publication of scientific articles in highly rated journals.’

Tatiana Belkova, School of Non-Destructive Testing & Security

Tatiana became a winner of the International Research Works (Kazan), the All-Russia Competition for Development of Petroleum and Petrochemical Complex of Russia in the nomination Information Support of Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Complex of Russia, the international competition of programs and projects called The Future of Earth, the All-Russia environmental competition Let’s Save and Multiply Russian Nature! and the international competition of young analysts.  

‘In 2019 I expect one of the most significant events, i.e. the defense of my PhD thesis, therefore, I will apply my efforts and capabilities for its preparation and successful defense.’

Vitally Okhotnikov, Research School of High Energy Physics

Vitally is a curator in CERN. He took part in the installation of sapphire detectors upgraded at TPU. He also participated in the development of a new metallization system the results of which were already tested at a testing platform at CERN. 

‘One of our major objectives in 2019 is to study the degradation of diamond detectors, to elaborate proposals to reduce the degradation rate, as well as to improve the BCML system.’

Ivan Khozhaev, School of Computer Science & Robotics

Ivan is a performer of RFBR, RSF and the Nauka state task, an author of 10 publications, 7 of which are indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, an author of 7 presentations at Russian and international conferences. He received the RF Government Scholarship. 

‘In 2019 I plan to continue my grant research and to defend my PhD thesis.’

Maksim Krinitsyn, Modern Manufacturing Technologies Laboratory

Maksim is an author of 3 scientific articles in WoS journals (Q1, Q2) and 8 publications in VAK journals, as well as a performer of works on 2 RSF grants and 3 RFBR grants. Maksim became the winner of the Tomsk Oblast Award in education, science, healthcare and culture, nominal scholarships Young Innovators and the scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation. He took part in 10 international scientific conferences (Moscow, Chernogolovka, Stary Oskol, Tomsk). 

'Next year I plan to defend my thesis and continue research on new topics.’