The Assembly Discusses the Seven Big Challenges, TPU Should Have Deal with

At the assembly of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Petr Chubik, the acting Rector, tells about the seven challenges the university should deal with to ensure further sustainable development in 2019-2023.

According to Petr Chubik, a current document, determining the university development, is the Roadmap of Competitiveness Enhancement Program for 2018-2020. However, it requires both prolongation and updating for several reasons. First of all, the Roadmap should meet the requirements of the Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation until 2035, the program Digital Economy, 12 national projects, among which are the most important for the university - Science, Education, and Digital Economy. In addition, new members of the University Academic Council were elected that will take all the most important decisions for the university over the next five years.

“The main priorities for the following five-year period are to achieve sustainable development and ensure the competitiveness of TPU at the national and global level. The jointly designed university development program for 2019-2023 contains seven projects. In form, they are similar to the national projects. Each of them requires overcoming one of the seven challenges”,

underlines Petr Chubik.

«These key indicators underline our strive to continue improving the quality of admission, to maintain the share of international students thus improving the quality of their training. Besides, we will continue to recruit even more leading international scientists who will directly participate in the university activities, expand income-generating activities, primarily from non-governmental sources, keep on improving the quality of our publications, since this is the main growth factor in the rankings. In addition, we will dramatically increase the effectiveness of postgraduate training and thereby increase the share of PhD degree holders in the total number of academic staff. Moreover, we will continue to develop TPU campus including the construction of new facilities.” – says the acting Rector.

It should be noticed, in the framework of the Education project, Tomsk Polytechnic University will improve the quality of admission for bachelor and master programs. The Roadmap includes a list of large-scale activities for the development of a system of STEMPh-competencies (MOOCs on natural sciences for school students, development of student academic volunteering, development of a network of specialized classes within the university schools, online admission commission operating 24/7/12, etc.). Along with these, it includes increased attractiveness of master programs and the quality of master program admission, (development and implementation of TPU network master programs with leading national and international universities and development of a student Olympiad movement in the directions of National Technology Initiative, etc.); improving the quality of admission of international citizens, and others.

In addition, the Young Scientists project is focused on increasing the efficiency of postgraduate training, the share of PhD degree holders, the number of young scientists, including doctors of science, and effective research supervisors of PhD students.

The aim of the Human Resources project is to ensure high professional quality of academic, managerial, and other staff.

The Financial Sustainability project should ensure stable financial position of the university thus increasing the amount of income from extrabudgetary sources.

According to Petr Chubik, in the framework of the Roadmap and Social and Scientific Infrastructure Project, the university will continue updating its equipment and facilities, and build new ones. Among infrastructure goals are construction of the 2nd and 3rd phases of the Science Park, a thorough overhaul of the dormitories 1 and 2, the Scientific and Technical Library, and construction of a dormitory for students enrolled in academic mobility programs. Additionally, the university campus will continue developing the recreation zones in the campus.

A large-scale project – Global Competitiveness meets the goals on improving TPU academic reputation and positions in national and world university rankings. Petr Chubik highlighted that one of the main priorities in this area is to join the top 100 leading world universities in rankings by subject.

The goal of the Digitization program is to accelerate digitalization of all areas of the university activities. It includes improving the quality of engineering staff training through digital technologies, higher efficiency of the university offices and departments, sound decision-making process via comprehensive digital technologies, and development of digital infrastructure in accordance with the current challenges.

“All university staff should have modern digital competencies. In particular, we want all our graduates to have additional competencies related to digital technologies. Within five-six years, our specialists will be ready to work in digital economic environment”, – says Petr Chubik.