TPU International Scientific Council discusses work with international students and alumni

During two days, 19 and 20 March, members of the International Scientific Council (ISC) of Tomsk Polytechnic University discussed a number of issues related to the development of the University. Inter alia, the issues covered international students, digitalization of all activities of the University, and work with alumni. 


The 17th meeting of the TPU ISC was held in Moscow. The Vice-Rector for External Affairs Liliya Kiriyanova, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexander Wagner, Vice-Rector for Digital Affairs Aleksandr Fadeev made their speeches at the meeting. 

The meetings of the International Scientific Council are regularly chaired by Dan Shechtman, a professor at Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), the 2011 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry.

The International Scientific Council consists of professors: Dan Shechtman (Israel), Horst Hippler (Germany), Manfred Horvat (Austria), Tilo Baumbach (Germany), Elazar Gutmanas (Israel), Istvan Hargittai (Hungary), and Konrad Ostervalder (Switzerland). 

The main goal of ISC is to examine and coordinate scientific and innovative development of the University and to assist to the internationalization of its scientific innovative activity. The world’s leading scientists will give an expert assessment of all major TPU projects, advice Russian scientists and promote the University’s brand abroad. ISC will assist in establishing international ties with research centers and universities around the world, as well as recruiting – inviting foreign scientists and professors to TPU.