Advisor to General Director of RSC Energia to develop the space direction in TPU

An advisor to the General Director of Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia), TPU Professor Emeritus Alexander Chernyavsky became the head of the Research and Education Center Technologies of Space Materials Science of Tomsk Polytechnic University. He will also be engaged in the development of space direction at TPU. 

The Technologies of Space Materials Science is part of the School of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. According to its director, Alexey Yakovlev, Alexander Chernyavsky has an enormous professional experience that will help TPU to participate in large projects related to the space industry.

‘In addition, in the previously established successful tripartite alliance that included academic science, university education, and the challenges of the industry, Alexander Chernyavsky always represented industrial partners, formulated the tasks and challenges of the industry that needed to be addressed,’ he says.

According to Alexey Yakovlev,

Chernyavsky will help to design a ‘roadmap’ of the space direction at TPU. He will coordinate TPU participation in space experiments, and apply his huge experience as a deputy general designer of Energia to benefit the training of highly-qualified specialists.

Chernyavsky will also participate in the admission of students to the master program Technologies of Space Materials Sciences.

Alexander Chernyavsky emphasized that space materials science is one of the most important directions that will be interesting to everyone involved in the design, construction and creation of the technology both for space and other industries. In addition, he is interested in the work at TPU because the concept of the so-called Lavrentiev triangle combining science, education and industry is being successfully implemented in Tomsk.

‘I have chosen TPU because many of the latest and most advanced technologies are concentrated here. Technologies of Space Materials Science was established and headed by an outstanding Russian scientist Sergey Psakhye. Together with TPU, we have had fruitful cooperation with ISPMS SB RAS and other Tomsk universities for quite a long time.

At TPU there are very important and interesting projects on materials science in terms of promising technologies and structures. Therefore, this is a very interesting direction for me that I would like to develop.

I will help in the training of specialists for the space industry, will try to attract experts from the industry as it is very important to train young professionals with the help of those who have already had a lot of positive experience and are directly involved in real projects.

I would like to note that TPU is involved in the projects and space experiments that provide the opportunity to engage students. I believe it is necessary that they learn ‘in battle’ what space engineering is, creating, for example, small spacecraft, in particular, CubeSats. Indeed, the experiment on the creation of a satellite constellation will use 3U-CubeSats based on the most cutting-edge technologies, designed and assembled by students and fellows of the University,’

says Alexander Chernyavsky.