Students from the University of Bristol study Russian at TPU

Students from the University of Bristol, one of the best UK universities, are taking an internship during this term at Tomsk Polytechnic University. They take various intensive courses on Russian to enhance the visibility of the Russian culture. 

According to the program coordinator, head of the Division for Russian Language Evgeniya Sherina, students from the University of Bristol have been coming to Tomsk Polytechnic University for about 10 years. At the third year of study, Bristol students should study a foreign language during a term within Year Abroad program. Students to arrive at TPU are to attend a two-year Russian course at their home university in Bristol.

Evgeniya Sherina says:

‘The Department of Russian at the University of Bristol is headed by Ms Elena McNeilly who once studied and worked in Tomsk. She chose TPU as a place for internship and immersion in the language environment for her students. Every year smart and motivated students who are willing to work come to us.

On average, there are groups of five-six people and we see an increasing interest from foreign students. Next year, we wait for a group of seven people. Their number may increase.’

Now six students from the University of Bristol are studying at TPU. From the end of winter and up to June they take classes with the teachers of the TPU Division of Russian and try to learn more about the cultural traits of Russia. The curriculum of the program is quite intensive and consists of 20 hours per week including phonetics, listening, speaking, grammar, linguistic and culture studies, Russian literature, the basics of Business Russian. On completion, students take tests and receive certificates.

Student from the University of Bristol Eve Mcgrady tells:

‘I chose to study Russian because I am interested in Russian music, culture, and literature. Back at school, I studied the history of Russia and its culture. I love the books of Pushkin, Chekhov, and Russian ballet. In addition, you have a very difficult language but it is very interesting to learn. Russian grammar is also very complicated. However, over two years I felt a little easier because we have very good teachers, classes are held in an individual manner.’

She came to Russia for the first time. The girl was immediately pleased with Tomsk as there are many students here. In addition, according to Eve Mcgrady, Tomsk is a very compact and beautiful city with tasty food. 

‘At TPU classes I really like linguistic and country studies. I am very interested to learn more information about Russia. It is very useful to study grammar and phonetics. Yes, it is hard but helps to better understand the language,’

- says the student.