Gazprombank gives 10 M rubles for TPU campus development

Gazprombank that is a long-standing partner of Tomsk Polytechnic University allocated 10 M rubles for the equipment of TPU campus with a pass system. In addition, the partner is expected to donate 1 M rubles to the Endowment of the University. 

Gazprombank and Tomsk Polytechnic University are tied with long-lasting fruitful cooperation. Thus, the University staff and students have been using bank cards for more than 10 years.

Vice-President – Branch Manager of Gazprombank in Tomsk Dmitry Litvinenko says:

‘Currently, these cards imply an opportunity to donate to the TPU Endowment Foundation. Deductions will be made at the expense of the bank’s income that it receives from payment systems when carrying out non-cash operations to cover the costs for emission and acquiring of trading terminals. Thus, each employee and student will be able to participate in the formation of the TPU Endowment and take advantages of a new Gazprombank campus card.’

Gazprombank not only makes annual contributions to the Endowment Foundation of Tomsk Polytechnic University but also supports University development projects and students’ initiatives.

TPU Vice-Rector for Financial and Economic Affairs and General Issues Maxim Vedyashkin notes:

‘Gazprombank has been providing charitable support to the University since 2014, and we appreciate this support very much. Over these years, the company has invested 4.6 M rubles in the Endowment Foundation of the University. The contribution of the company and other our partners allows us to allocate additional scholarships for talented students and young teachers and to develop the University campus. This academic year, Gazprombank supported the technological projects of our students and young scholars with grants amounted to 180,000 rubles. Funding was aimed at the commercialization of TPU developments, and we are confident that the grants will benefit them.’