TPU launches Lectorium, a new educational online project

On its 123rd anniversary, Tomsk Polytechnic University launched a new educational online project TPU Lectorium. This is an open directory of high-quality educational digital resources, which includes video lectures and online courses produced by the University and made available to all web users. The main goal of the project is the preservation of the pedagogical heritage of TPU faculty and free access to the best educational materials of the University. 

So far, 140 video courses and educational films have been produced at TPU, involving over 100 lecturers. Open lectures were shot at the studio of the Center for Digital Education, recorded and edited by the employees from the Office of Multimedia Complexes.

TPU Vice-Rector for Digital Affairs Aleksandr Fadeev says:

‘To simplify navigation, video lectures are arranged by 17 categories, disassembled into semantic fragments and provided with separate bookmarks for each topic. This allows you to select only a desired part of a lecture without watching the entire video. In addition, all lectures come with brief annotations, specification of the authors’ team, a course, and direction of training.’

The Lectorium also comprises such projects as Professor Readings that are the records of real classes and popular science lectures of prominent university professors; University Saturdays that are classes on natural sciences and STEM for schoolchildren; the records of seminars, conferences, and meetings with interesting people; OCW courses that are autonomous educational units with unique author’s developments in the humanities, natural science, and engineering areas. 

‘TPU Lectorium is an ongoing initiative; we continue to record video lectures, create training videos, design and adapt online courses. Each of the teachers, students, graduate students, PhD students, alumni and staff members of TPU can become part of our team,’ notes the Vice-Rector. 

‘Until today, created video materials were available to TPU students solely. However, due to the fact that all video lectures are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards and contain materials carefully processed by teachers, accompanied by colorful illustrations, 2D and 3D animation of technological processes, interactive elements, they remain in demand not only by our students.

More than 15,000 people were registered at nine massive online courses of TPU last year. Hence, it would be wrong to continue to keep the rest of the video archive only at our internal resources. Besides, due to technology development, many subject sections lose their relevance and after a while will be out of date. Thanks to the TPU Lectorium they will have time to convey information to people eager for knowledge around the world,’ emphasizes Aleksandr Fadeev.

All the materials of the project are available at

The project is implemented at the open source platform LMS Moodle and is integrated with the platform of the priority project Modern Digital Environment in the Russian Federation.